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ReliaBill Production Services supplies some of the finest video companies in the entertainment industry with the highest quality LED oriented labor. They are looking for individuals that are prompt, dependable, and have a calm can do attitude even under fire. Our clients treat their labor with respect, and we are building a workforce that also respectfully work with others.

We have placement opportunities for all skill levels, so our focus is on character and communication. We will look at client compatibility, attention to detail and communication skills before taking in technical abilities. This ensures we meet the high standards of our clientele. Through training and mentorship, we aim to create the finest LED wall workforce in the industry.

The ReliaBill Production Services self-assessment questionnaire is designed to establish an accurate assessment of a technician or engineer’s abilities. We are dedicated to finding the right crew for our clients and helping our technicians advance their carriers by identifying where their skills need additional reinforcement and pairing them with our engineers to provide that additional reinforcement. This questionnaire is not shared with clients and is for our internal use only for assessment purposes. It gives our on boarding staff a place to start a conversation and ensure successful placement. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5, one being little to know knowledge to five being I am a master. Please rate yourself as honestly as possible and to your best understanding of the question. Honesty is key to this process working it makes sure our staff is set up for success not failure.

Please down load the following Tech_rating_scale excel file to rate yourself on your skills. After you have completed this go ahead and save the file, then upload it where indicated below.





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Max. file size: 32 MB.